Since 1953 ROESER has been building its unique competence in decoration of glass, plastics and aluminium packaging.

We are a family-owned company led by the 2nd and 3rd generation and have become an internationally leading provider for high quality decoration.

Global brands from prestige fragrance, cosmetics, healthcare, beverage and tableware houses rely on our expertise and appreciate the ROESER quality.

Our clients’ design is the benchmark for our services and efforts. With this in mind, we create premium product and packaging decoration led by passion and perfection.

With our inhouse graphic department and colour blending as well as internal silkscreen fabrication and customized machine engineering, we are able to meet our clients’ individual requests with creativity and flexibility.

Continuous investment in new technologies and services form the basis of quality and set standards in the international market place.


Our company was founded by Ernst Roeser and is led by Christa Hammerschmidt, the founder’s daughter, today. Sylvia and Frank Hammerschmidt, the founder’s grandchildren, are also holding management positions in the company.

  • Decoration of glass, plastics and aluminium
  • ~ 400 employees
  • Production sites: Kleintettau, Sonneberg, Belm (Vallo & Vogler GmbH) and Kehlbach (Trebes GmbH)
  • Technology and innovation for more than 65 years
  • Capacity for 400 million decorations per year
  • Certified quality management




Our corporate mission statement inspires us to drive innovation, exceed customer needs and foster a culture of collaboration. In everything we do, we are committed to integrity, excellence and sustainable progress.

To bring our vision to life, we focus on COMPETENCE, RESPECT, RELIABILITY, TEAM SPIRIT and EFFICIENCY in our interactions.

First-class decoration for glass and plastics packaging
– family-run, regionally rooted, Europe-wide leader.

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Complete Decoration
All decoration options from a single source.
We stand for diversity. Due to our extensive experience in all major technologies, we offer first-class decorations for a wide range of materials and shapes.

Icon Kundenservice

Customer service and solution orientation
We work with care and flexibility.
To achieve the best results, we serve our customers with commitment and passion – we find the right solution for every customer project.

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Innovation and technology leadership
We focus on new and sophisticated technologies.
With many years of expertise, we are constantly developing our production processes and machines. This is the basis for our high innovative strength.

Icon Qualitätsbewusstsein

Quality awareness
We make the quality of our decorations our trademark and meet the highest quality standards.
We ensure the sustainability of this approach through our continuous improvement process.

Icon Zusammenhalt

Togetherness and team spirit
We treat each other with openness, appreciation and trust.
This shapes both our own culture and our relationships with customers and suppliers.

Icon Nachhaltigkeit

Responsibility for the environment and our region
We think and act sustainably.
We strive for climate neutrality through the efficient use of all resources. In this way, we create the conditions for the preservation of our sites for future generations – in our region, which we support to the best of our ability.




Our decoration experts look forward to advising you. Please find a few examples of brand owners we are already gladly supporting below:



We are driven to create the best result for your product and packaging in everything we do.
Our two productions sites in Kleintettau (Ernst Röser Siebdruckerei GmbH) and Spechtsbrunn (Röser Sonneberg GmbH) are perfectly equipped to achieve this.

Our partly owned affiliate Vallo & Vogler proposes high quality lacquering and metallisation. With the digital startup Trebes GmbH we offer the most recent state of the art digital printing technologies ready for serial production for maximal flexibility and varied decoration possibilities. 

In association with leading suppliers and partners we are able to offer you ‘complete decoration’.




Ernst Roeser founded our company based on an innovation in 1953: The application of silkscreen decoration on glass. The procedure had been known for 2000 years and could now be deployed as direct print on glass and later plastics due to technological advancements. Since then ROESER stayed true to its innovative roots and has perfected many technologies for the decoration of glass, plastics and aluminium through the years.



Foundation by Ernst Roeser in his home in Tettau

Innovation: Silkscreen printing with manual machines on glass

1958 Innovation: Start of plastics decoration
1968 1st extension of the production building.
Use of the first long tunnel furnace for burning-in ceramic inks
Innovation: First hot stamping machines for plastics bottles
1977 Innovation: purchase of the first fully automated machine for silkscreen decoration
1982 Purchase of 1st multi-colour silkscreen technology
1992 Extension of storage space
Innovation: Use of the 1st computerized silkscreen and foil stamping machine for non-round products
1998 Innovation: Start of tampography for concave and convex shapes
2002 Acquisition of Heinz Soellner’s decoration company in Spechtsbrunn/Thuringia, now named Röser Sonneberg GmbH.
2007 Investment in 7.000 m² production and storage space in Sonneberg/Thuringia.
2008 Innovation: Start of laser decoration as the 1st provider in Germany (2nd worldwide)
Frank und Sylvia Hammerschmidt, the founder’s grandchildren, take up management roles
Innovation: Inkjet printing on glass and plastics as the 1st company in Germany
2013 Cooperation with ColouRs Packaging Decoration for silkscreen decoration up to 7 colours in one pass; 3.500m² new production and storage space
2014 Innovation: Start of 3D laser decoration
2015 Innovation: Use of the 1st fully automated inkjet machine K15-CNC worldwide
2016 Lacquering and metallisation in cooperation with Vallo & Vogler – ROESER now offers all important decoration techniques as a one-stop shop
2017 Innovation: 3D Relief print for haptic effects
2018 Innovation: Printed Electronics – illuminated packaging
2020 Cooperation with the innovative digital startup Trebes GmbH
2023 Innovation: World’s first ‘3 in 1’ universal machine: silkscreen printing + hot stamping + laser decoration in combination in only one production cycle for perfect decoration and maximal flexibility.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of more than 65 years of expertise as well as the latest cutting-edge developments for packaging decoration at ROESER. With more than 400 employees we are among the leading decorators worldwide for fine fragrance, cosmetics, healthcare and beverage today.