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Decoration options

Hot stamping lends your product a particularly striking and elegant appearance: with premium gold, silver and metallic effects or effect- and hologram foils, full-surface decor or fine details can be staged brilliantly.

Special effect foils with brushed metallic, wood or stone imitation and many more unique finishes are available.

Full surface hot stamping can be used as an alternative to metallization.

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Exclusive Decoration,

that stays in mind

Hot foil stamping is a fascinating technique for enhancing printed products with a touch of luxury and elegance. With this process, we can achieve glossy or matt metallic effects on a wide range of materials such as glass or plastic. Hot stamping not only makes it possible to create exquisite designs, but also adds a tactile component thanks to the raised embossed patterns.

Our hot stamping technology uses state-of-the-art methods to ensure detailed and precise embossing. By using different foil colors and textures, we can create individual accents and draw attention to specific areas.

With our experience and technology in hot foil stamping, we offer the opportunity to transform your packaging into unique works of art. Add a touch of sophistication to your projects and rely on the versatile possibilities of hot foil stamping for exclusive print products that will be remembered.

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