Brilliant decor

with reflection

Metallized products deliver brilliant reflection, which is achieved by evaporation of pure metals on surfaces. Our partner Vallo & Vogler is one of the leading providers for decorative metallization of glass and plastics. We create reflective surfaces with chromed or anodised finishes with a high degree of perfection and quality. With our polymer metal finishes we also offer reflective surfaces with non-corroding protective coating without additional lacquer processes.


Aesthetically pleasing

and resistant

The metallization of plastic and glass is an innovative finishing technique that makes it possible to add metallic effects to plastic and glass surfaces, giving them an elegant and high-quality appearance. Our advanced metallization techniques set standards in terms of precision and quality.

The versatility of metallization makes it possible to create a wide range of metallic effects, including gold, silver, bronze and more. This technique opens up creative possibilities for customizing products and packaging to create a unique brand identity.

The metalized plastic and glass surfaces can be used in a variety of industries, from packaging to automotive to electronics. Metallization not only gives products an appealing look, but can also offer functional benefits such as improved conductivity or protection against external influences.

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