Flacons, bottles, glasses, cups, dispensers, mascaras or lipsticks – no matter the material or the shape, packaging becomes unique with a finishing touch of decoration. 

We print, emboss, laser, lacquer or metallize glass, plastics, aluminium and wooden packaging in (almost) any shape and thus turn a glass bottle, a plastic container or a closure into the unique packaging that will put your product center-stage.

Our rich variety of decoration will fulfill even extraordinary wishes, especially with the combination of different techniques. This is delivered with our state-of-the-art machinery, customized machine engineering and automation devices.

We are happy to support and advise you regarding the decoration of your product packaging.

We look forward to hearing from you!

ROESER Silkscreen printing

  • Classic decoration for beautiful results and precision down to the finest detail
  • Decoration of up to 7 colours in one pass holding perfect registration
  • Using ceramic inks, environmentally safe organic colors, UV inks or precious metals such as gold

ROESER 3D Relief printing

  • Haptic effects produce tactile sensations
  • Gives special accentuation to distinctive elements of decoration


ROESER Digital printing

  • Spectacular translucent and opaque photo-realistic effects
  • CMYK direct print for limitless single colour and multi-colour gradients
  • Allows quick changes of artwork, individualisation and Limited Editions

ROESER Pad printing

  • Fine decor for complex shapes with curved and angled surfaces
  • Printing of up to 5 colours in one pass holding perfect registration

ROESER Hot stamping

  • Premium gold, silver and metallic effects
  • Even brushed metallic, wood or stone finishes and many more unique finishes are available
  • Full surface hot stamping can be used as an alternative to metallisation

ROESER Laser and 3D decoration

  • Engraving fine details on surfaces or 3D decoration inside the glass
  • Removing lacquering or metallisation in defined areas for fascinating alternation between translucency and opacity
  • Laser decoration is applicable to all areas of a product and even the most sophisticated shapes


ROESER Lacquering

  • Sets optical accents – matte or brilliant, opaque or translucent, multi-colour or single colour
  • Including many specialty looks creating incredible textured finishes such as ‘soft touch’ and ‘crackle’
  • Spray coating with special component or UV finishing systems
  • In cooperation with our partner Vallo & Vogler

ROESER Metallisation

  • Metallised products deliver brilliant reflection
  • Evaporation of metals in vacuum
  • In cooperation with our partner Vallo & Vogler



  • Plaques and individual decoration elements provide dimension and texture for a unique look
  • Generates many distinctive features


ROESER Decaling

  • Decaling creates flexible eye-catching looks on a wide variety of shapes
  • Decals can be applied on glass, starting from small volumes